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Breast Care Unit



Expertise in breast cancer includes a wide range of surgeries and techniques that are of high standards and not readily available in all hospitals in Jeddah.

We also work in collaboration with an expert breast radiologist, plastic surgeons in the field of breast reconstruction, medical oncologists and radiation therapy experts.

We offer at the hospital state of art breast imaging and biopsies techniques by an expert Canadian trained breast radiologist.

We see patients with colorectal cancer and offer laparoscopic surgeries for this condition.

We also see patients with colorectal cancer with advanced stage (peritoneal carcinomatosis), a condition only few surgeons in the kingdom treat.


  • Breast infections and complications related breastfeeding.


  • Breast pain, lumps and any other complaints.


  • Benign and malignant breast diseases.


  • Patients with breast cancer that need multidisciplinary management including patients with late stage disease.


  • Follow up and screening of women with high risk profile given family history of breast cancer  and genetic counselling discussion.


  • Women with no complaints that wish to proceed with breast cancer screening.