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Eye Center



DSAH Eye Clinic offers all needed ophthalmology services and technology. Our highly talented doctors and staff provide comprehensive eye care and bring the latest, cutting-edge developments to you. DSAH Eye clinic provides primary and secondary eye care for all conditions of the eye and surrounding structures including cataracts, ocular surface disorders, glaucoma, strabismus, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. 

Our Doctors are experienced in using state of the art technologies to treat all types of eye surgeries such as cataract, strabismus, occuloplastic and retina surgeries. Those surgeries are mostly done on an outpatient basis-one day surgery. All this means that at DSAH eye clinic you will receive exceptional medical services and care!



Diagnostic services include:


  • Evaluation of visual acuity.


  • Refraction.


  • Slit lamp evaluation.


  • Ophthalmoscopy.


  • Tonometry.


  • Gonioscopy.


  • Topography.


  • Optical Coherence Tomography.


  • Visual field testing.


  • IOL calculation & A-B scanning.



Our Outpatient Therapeutic services include:


  • Yag laser.


  •  Argon Laser.


  •  Refractive surgery.


  • Cross-linking.


  • Corneal rings implant.


  • Anti VGEFs injection.