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General Obstetrics And Gynaecology



We have an extraordinary team of obstetricians, gynecologists, and other medical professionals who are committed to provide  a compassionate, research validated effective care and treatment to patients. Using the latest technologies and techniques, our specialists provide diagnosis and treatment for a full range of obstetric and gynecological conditions.


  • Help pregnant women in achieving an enjoyable pregnancy in each stage of the journey and a comfortable, pain controlled, safe delivery.


  • You will share your birth plan with your doctor and your husband. We are always caring to make your delivery the best incident ever.


  • Looking after the health needs of women in pre conception stage for advice and before and after delivery.


  • Contraceptive advice, tailored for couples seeking pregnancy spacing.


  • Dealing with all  gynecological disease according to the recent guidelines.


  • 24/7 service in  Dealing with gynecological emergencies.


  • Dealing with all gynecological tumors with the latest endoscopic instrument and by the best expert doctors.

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