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Laboratory & Blood Bank




  • Basic Check Up.


  • Diabetes Follow-Up Analysis.


  • Allergic Tests.


  • Sexually Transmitted Disease.


  • Kidney and liver disease.


  • Hormones and Endocrine Analyses.


  • Bacterial, Fungal analysis and culture.


  • Genetic and Molecular Pathology Analysis.


  • Anemia and Leukemia.


  • Early detection of cancer.


  • Sodium, Potassium and Blood Gas Analysis.


  • Infertility.


  • Pathology and pre marriage investigation.


  • Semen Analysis.


  • Pregnancy Test and Antenatal care investigation.


  • Newborn Metabolic Screen.


  • Noninvasive prental diagnosis ( NIPT).


  • Full Blood Bank Services (Donation, Componant separation and Transfusion services).